ZTE could embed a 200 MP sensor in its future Axon 30 Pro

ZTE is a smartphone maker known for bringing the latest innovations before everyone else. The brand could still strike hard with its future Axon 30 Pro.

To set themselves apart from the competition, manufacturers of electronic devices, especially smartphones, still practice the “always more” strategy. While this has calmed down in recent years, the pixel count of the sensors is one of them. ZTE could thus embed a 200 MP sensor in its future Axon 30 Pro .

A 200 MP photo sensor in the ZTE Axon 30 Pro?

Our current smartphones have extremely advanced components. This is especially the case for the entire photo / video part, which allows them to take pictures in incredibly high resolutions. But it now appears that, as far as ZTE is concerned at least, the current market supply is not sufficient. So much so that the Chinese brand is now teasing the introduction of a 200 MP camera module in its future ZTE Axon 30 Pro.

Always further!

At least, that’s what we learn from an article in GSMArena which spotted a post published on Weibo by ZTE. This device would even be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip. The medium also specifies that one of the features of this chip would be to support 200 MP sensors, this which suggests that the device could precisely embed such a sensor.

The information was “confirmed” by another post, this time from a leakster, still on Weibo. The sensor in question could be that of Samsung , a sensor that has not yet been formalized by the South Korean giant. 200 MP might seem a bit much, even too much, just like 108 MP sensors elsewhere. And it probably is, especially when you consider that the majority of snaps are shared on social platforms or viewed on mobile devices. From a certain point, you don’t make any difference.

It is probably for this reason that, to this day, 4K displays are very rare on smartphones. Because of their size, from a certain point, you no longer differentiate in the quality. Still, this would be a very interesting technological feat. And this would have the merit of offering more options to customers.

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