Zoom would consider launching its own email service

On the strength of its enormous gain in popularity since the launch of the first containment measures, Zoom may now want to seek to expand its activities …

Zoom is a platform that today enables two or more audio and video calls. The service also offers a number of additional features that are very useful during this type of call. But with such a gain in popularity, the platform would now consider diversifying its activities somewhat

Zoom would prepare an email and diary service

When we think of emails, we immediately think of Gmail . Almost everyone has a Gmail address, even if you don’t use it a lot. It is one of the largest free email services available today. Can we even imagine that someone would come and steal the crown from Google ? And who could it be? Zoom ?

To flesh out meeting schedules on its platform

Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it looks like the audio / video calling platform wants to give it a try. According to a report from The Information, Zoom is reportedly preparing to launch its own email and calendar services to further expand its video conferencing platform. And it makes good sense after all. Having a Zoom email and calendar would make scheduling Zoom meetings much easier, and automatically. There would no longer be any need to enter them manually into calendars like Gmail’s.

The report also claims that this is unlikely to be an ordinary email service but rather something “next-gen” (without really knowing what it might be). In other words, Zoom would endeavor not to “simply” copy what the big names in the market like Gmail or Yahoo are already doing. This email service could be launched in the course of 2021, so we’ll have to wait and see if the result is interesting enough to convince.

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