Yves Saint Laurent unveils a lipstick to create your perfect shade

Modern technologies can be found almost everywhere today. The health sector benefits greatly, of course. But that of cosmetics? Also. New example with this Yves Saint Laurent creation.

Cosmetics must be available almost endlessly to adapt to the millions of skin tones existing in the world. It has therefore become normal to see manufacturers offering dozens of lipsticks, foundations, mascara, etc. But rather than multiplying the products, wouldn’t it be possible to create a single product that could offer any shade? This is what Yves Saint Laurent offers today for the lipstick .

Yves Saint Laurent launches a hi-tech lipstick

When you want to create a new color, or at least get a custom color, you have to mix different colors to get the desired shade. And the process can be painful to say the least unless you’ve already done it. Yves Saint Laurent is today making an attempt with a resolutely hi- tech option by unveiling the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure Powered by Perso – yes, that’s the official full name of this product – .

To get the perfect shade every time

This gadget was thought and designed to help customers create their own shade of lipstick, so the perfect shade every time. To achieve this, the product uses three different color reserves which, mixed in your own proportions, should achieve the desired shade. The whole is controlled by a dedicated iOS and Android mobile application which greatly simplifies the choice of the shade in question.

Users can also provide photos to the app and the app will suggest a shade to complement the outfit. There are also social features, to find out what others are using and find out what are the trends of the moment according to “YSL experts”. The device charges via USB-C and, according to the release, it should last up to a week on a single charge.

This Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure Powered by Perso will sell for the nice sum of $ 299, which is quite expensive, it must be admitted, and it comes with two sets of colors, twice three tubes therefore. Color refills are sold separately for $ 100, they are verified by RFID. In any case, here is a luxury lipstick but one that could save you from many tests, more or less successful.

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