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Didn’t you have time to follow the news yesterday? Here is what stood out on Monday February 8: Xiaomi launched its Mi 11 with a bang, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are betting on QR Codes, Intel fears Apple with its M1. To not miss any news, think of subscribe to the Frandroid newsletter .

Xiaomi Mi 11 en France

The Xiaomi Mi 11 // Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi formalizes the arrival of the Mi 11 in France

It was the event of the day: the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 11 in France and elsewhere in the world. The Chinese firm formalized its arrival at a conference. We already knew a lot about this one, presented last December in China. It has the Snapdragon 888 processor or a 108 Mp photo sensor among its strengths. But the price has yet to be discovered for France where it will be announced in a few days. Answer in a few days.

Xiaomi also presented a Mi 11 “Special Edition” , a 75-inch 4K Qled TV and an electric scooter designed with the Mercedes-AMG F1 team. Petronas .

Google Chrome and Edge: a QR Code generator now integrated

Google Chrome will integrate a very practical function in its next update: a QR Code generator in a few clicks to share the link to a web page . Microsoft Edge is expected to do the same soon.

Intel fears Apple’s M1 chip

The successful launch of the first 100% Apple MacBooks may revolutionize the industry. Intel intends to show its muscles, by choosing its fights. But the firm admitted that the tour de force of the brand at the apple and the change made in 2020 for its Macs had something to impress . Even so scary the communication around the novelty has been powerful.

Video of the day

You are shown how to scan documents using your smartphone. Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments if this kind of tutorial interests you and to share your tips with us.

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