Xbox 360 Halo endgame in December 2021

Some video games have an unusually long lifespan. One could easily cite World of Warcraft, which seems eternal. Halo also resists.

video game consoles are very enduring machines, machines that can be played for a very long time, even after one or two other generations have emerged. This is the case for example with the Xbox 360 . That being said, it is still necessary that the servers remain operational to take advantage of the online features… This will soon no longer be the case for Halo games on this console.

Microsoft to disconnect online services for Halo games on Xbox 360

The days are numbered for Halo online games on Xbox 360. Indeed, Thurrott reports that Microsoft and 343 Industries have planned to disconnect Halo services on Xbox 360 at the end of the year next. The two have already made the decision to stop digital sales of all Halo games on the platform – the DLC remains however still available -. Matchmaking, challenges and other key online features for titles will be deactivated “no earlier” than December 18, 2021.

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This does not affect Master Chief Collection games or Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, but backward compatible versions of games you can play on Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S are included. Xbox 360 versions will still be able to be played online through Custom Matches, Local Matches, or Online Squads – you just won’t be able to use features that depend on discontinued services -.

It’s not a shocking decision after all. The last shooter in the franchise for Xbox 360, Halo 4, was released in 2012. These are old games and it can be quite difficult today to justify operating services when players can upgrade to versions of the MCC that use more modern technologies. Still, it can be difficult to learn. Many gamers grew up with the Halo games on Xbox 360. Microsoft and 343 Industries thus erase some childhood memories, even if the games remain playable to a point.

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