Wonder Woman 1984 available very soon in UK and Ireland, without HBO Max

The Covid-19 pandemic is still preventing many cinemas around the world from opening their doors. This has led some movie studios to switch to streaming.

The Warner Bros . is using his much anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 to push HBO Max forward but how will that be in countries where the streaming service – or some equivalent partner – n is not available? The answer is quite simple: rental, apparently. Indeed, Deadline and Variety confirm that WW84 will be available for hire for 48 hours in the UK and Ireland from January 13, less than a month after the December 16 theatrical release. obscure country. Still, the film will still be screened in theaters after this date, in those that can remain open despite the Covid-19 pandemic, of course.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be available for hire in the UK and Ireland

The studio did not say what specific services Wonder Woman 1984 might offer, but the film is expected to be available from multiple vendors. The main options are obviously Amazon Prime Video, the Apple TV app, Google Play as well as UK specific resellers like BT TV and TalkTalk TV. No one also knows if other films could follow this route, but that would make perfect sense when you consider that the Warner Bros. has stated that all of its 2021 films will debut on HBO Max in the United States.

Same situation a little later in France?

Deadline also learned that the Warner Bros. had reached an agreement with a British theater chain to shorten the release window from the usual 16 weeks to just 4. This agreement is not permanent and only wants to reflect the reality of the pandemic. Only 150 UK theaters are open and currently listed as showing WW84, and that list is not expected to grow in the coming weeks / months.

In any case, this is not a totally unexpected decision. Other movie giants have already streamed their films or rental services during the pandemic. Still, this is Warner Bros., with one of its biggest blockbusters anyway, for a movie that will be available for rental very, very soon. It also underscores the limitations of WarnerMedia’s huge gamble with HBO Max. When a service is only available in one country, it is very difficult to establish a coherent strategy. Strange compromises of this kind must therefore be made in other parts of the world.

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