Will we have to wait another 5 to 7 years before discovering Apple Car?

Apple Car or not Apple Car? Rumors seem to suggest that it is, but the Cupertino company has never let anything show. And when would we have the right to discover this car?

The rumors evoke for many years work carried out internally at Apple with regard to technologies around the car, electric and / or autonomous. As usual, the apple brand never commented on the situation. Is the American giant preparing a car? Hard to say. And if so, when could be released to the general public?

Another 5 to 7 years before discovering Apple Car?

The mere idea of ​​Apple distancing itself from Intel and developing its own processors for its computers was crazy. Still, the apple brand did it, and with flying colors it seems. For Apple to build its own car would then undoubtedly be the company’s most ambitious project. Automotive construction and the world of transport in general, these are two sectors in which the Apple brand has no experience.

This is what a new Bloomberg report says

It is for this reason that it is quite surprising to learn that if we ever want to be able to see this Apple Car, we would have to wait a very long time. At least, that’s what emerges from a Bloomberg report, which says Apple has several more years to go on this ambitious project. It would even be necessary to wait between 5 and 7 years to be precise.

In any case, this is information that remains in line with Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction. The well-known Apple ecosystem analyst previously estimated 2025 as the earliest launch date for this car. 2027/2028 would also be quite possible dates. The Bloomberg report also notes that the Cupertino company has hired a number of executives from the sector, including Tesla, to work on this project around the car. This would suggest that the giant is actually working on an electric car. Unless the goal is “only” to offer technologies to resell to current car manufacturers.

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