WhatsApp is testing audio and video calls on its web version

Many services first start only as mobile applications before they reach the web. This is especially true for messaging platforms …

WhatsApp is a very sophisticated, very complete and very popular instant messaging system. At least on its mobile applications . Which is quite logical after all since the service initially only started on these platforms. But for some time now, WhatsApp has also offered a web version, which is now enriched with a now basic functionality but in great demand lately.

WhatsApp tests audio and video calls on its web version

WhatsApp has a long history of allowing audio and video calls through its mobile apps, but for some reason the functionality was never ported to the web version of the app. That being said, there is good news today as, according to WABetaInfo, the latest beta of WhatsApp for the web includes support for audio and video calls.

And if you’re curious what that might look like, know that this is, it seems, a straightforward and faithful implementation of audio and video calling as available on mobile apps. In other words, the experience shouldn’t be unlike what you have on a smartphone. To be completely honest, one wonders what could have taken WhatsApp so long. It should have been done, and available, a long time ago.

When will it be deployed to the general public?

Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic allowed Zoom’s popularity to explode. Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, implemented something similar in Messenger , with Messenger Rooms, a few months ago now. So it made sense to think that WhatsApp would like to have something similar given the app’s huge popularity today.

Better late than never, after all. And you will always need an audio and / or video calling solution. Perhaps this delay in starting will not harm the platform. However, no information concerning the date of deployment to the general public of this feature. To be continued !

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