WhatsApp: Facebook delays change of terms of service

Facebook is delaying the update of WhatsApp’s terms of service for several months after it sparked suspicion from a large number of users worried about their privacy.


WhatsApp on smartphone // Source: Unsplash / Mika Baumeister

For several days now, WhatsApp has faced the suspicion of a large number of people. At issue: the update of the conditions of use of the application and in particular the way in which the Facebook parent company will collect users’ personal data. Despite some attempts at an explanation , the company has not been able to fully calm the concerns raised.

While the alternative application Signal – less intrusive – is experiencing a massive influx of users , the WhatsApp teams have published a blog post announcing that the update of the conditions of use initially planned for February 8 was going to be postponed until May 15 .

No one will see their account suspended or deleted on February 8 ” we read elsewhere.

“Dispelling disinformation”

This report has one objective: to allow the platform to better explain the ins and outs of its confidentiality policy.

We will also be doing a lot more to dispel misinformation about how security and privacy works on WhatsApp.

The press release also recalls that personal conversations on WhatsApp have end-to-end encryption so that neither Facebook nor WhatsApp can see these private messages “. He adds: “ that’s why we don’t keep track of everyone’s messages or calls. We also cannot see your shared location and we do not share your contacts with Facebook ”.

WhatsApp thus claims that all this will not change with the update in question. The latter serves to improve the way in which users interact with businesses on the messaging service. Now, Facebook will have to convince its users of its good faith on the new terms of service. Difficult mission.

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