What if Apple had found a way to integrate a camera into its Apple Watch?

Apple has high hopes for its Apple Watch. And in particular on the aspect of health monitoring. This does not prevent the giant from considering features that could be considered accessories.

The Apple Watch is a formidable powerhouse of technology. The connected watch has an incredible quantity of sensors on board to be your companion when you play sports or simply to monitor your daily health. And the Cupertino company still has a number of ideas to go further with this watch. Why not by integrating a camera ?

Apple imagines an Apple Watch with an on-board camera

If there is one Apple Watch “missing” feature, it would be the camera. We have already had the opportunity to discover several alternatives from third-party manufacturers but it must be recognized that the result obtained is cumbersome on the wrist. It’s hard to get everyone to accept this. The key to success here seems to be miniaturization. And on this point, Apple could have found the solution.

The AppleInsider teams have discovered a patent discovered by Apple suggesting that the apple brand may have found a solution to integrate a camera into the Apple Watch. Or at least that’s how she would see it. In detail, this integration would be done by hiding the camera under the screen itself. The patent describes a screen system in which one layer could be used to display “normal” content and the other would act as a “blocker” to conceal the internal components from the view of the user, such as the camera, when that – this is not used.

This would be hidden just under the screen

According to the document included in the patent in question: “An electronic device could be supplied with a screen in two layers. The screen could have an inner layer with an array of pixels to display images and an outer layer formed of a light modulator with a set of cells that can be individually put into transparent mode or light blocking mode. ”

And what is interesting about the idea described in this patent is that this solution could also be applied to devices like the iPhone . It would then become possible to integrate the front camera module and other sensors, concealing it from the view of the user. And finally getting rid of the notch. These would only be visible when actually used.

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