Watch a Tesla take a San Francisco – Los Angeles trip in a fully autonomous drive

If Tesla’s main objective is to democratize electric vehicles, the brand also intends to popularize autonomous driving. There is still a lot of work to do, however.

Tesla cars are vehicles loaded with technology. Technologies capable today of offering its driver semi-autonomous driving. But when will you be able to benefit from fully autonomous driving? Hard to say. Here is a route San Francisco – Los Angeles carried out in a completely autonomous way. Verdict?

A fully autonomous Tesla driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles

Tesla’s full self-driving (FSD) mode is still in beta, but that does not prevent some owners from using it for self-driving trips, or nearly so. As Teslarati explains in his article, the Whole Mars Catalog YouTube channel posted a video showing the journey of a Tesla Model 3 from San Francisco to Los Angeles with FSD mode enabled. All without practically any intervention. The only exception, just after entering Los Angeles, was when the driver had to dodge debris on the road.

Successful experience? Reassuring?

This appears to be the very first known and recorded trip of a Tesla with FSD mode enabled, all without human intervention, according to Whole Mars Catalog. In any case, this is a very nice achievement for a technology which is still far from being completed and which, despite its name, does not let you take your hands off the wheel. But at the same time, it also shows how much remains to be done before the Tesla can service the robot -taxi like Elon Musk’s dream.

Indeed, Whole Mars Catalog had to take control of the vehicle as it approached the debris because it had no complete confidence in the system to react properly. What you don’t want if you want a fully autonomous driving experience. There has also been somewhat erratic behavior on Market Street in San Francisco, far from reassuring. And it should be added that the dry, hot California weather is ideal for Tesla’s camera-based systems. The operation could be trickier in snow, for example, where LiDAR or other sensors might be needed to avoid collisions. In other words, it might be some time before you find FSD mode safe enough to transport you from city to city.

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