Volkswagen shows off its charging robot in action

Electric cars are without a doubt the future of the automobile. It is still necessary to adapt the charging solutions. To do this, there are several options currently.

Electric cars have many advantages to offer, of course, but they also have certain disadvantages. This is the case with recharging today. To recharge the battery, you have to plug in the car, which is not really a problem when you are at home but the situation is different when you are not … Volkswagen a a good idea .

Volkswagen shows its electric charging robots in action

One of the problems frequently encountered by owners of an electric vehicle is the lack of a dedicated charger. Unlike the gas stations that can be found almost everywhere wherever we are, electric charging stations are still very rare. This means that drivers should plan their trips in advance and hope that there is a terminal available when they arrive. That being said, Volkswagen has devised a different kind of solution to deal with these kinds of problems.

The brand recently published a video showing its charging robot in action. This robot is nothing more than a mobile electric charging station . So, rather than drivers finding a terminal to charge their car, they could park anywhere, within the range of a robot, of course, and the robot would come to their car.

When will they come into service?

For the moment, some car parks are equipped with charging stations, but their number is very limited and you have to park in the space reserved in order to be able to charge your car. That being said, having a robot to charge your car for you should definitely make it much easier and more convenient. And you could do something quite different during this time.

According to the Volkswagen press release: “To charge several vehicles at the same time, the mobile robot moves a small note, essentially a mobile energy storage unit, connects it and uses that storage unit to recharge the vehicle battery. electric. At the same time, the robot charges other electric vehicles. And once the charging operation is complete, the robot autonomously retrieves the storage unit and returns it to the central charging station. ”

At the moment, no information regarding the deployment date of these electric charging robots signed Volkswagen but it is in any case a very good idea. To be continued !

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