Video: Unboxing the Leaked DJI FPV Combo Pack

Drones became very popular in a short time. In just a few years, these devices have greatly diversified. Some are designed for first person view use.

While some pilots of drones appreciate being able to control their aircraft via an onboard camera, others, more experienced, will seek thrills using a first person view, with a helmet in front of the eyes, to see what a “real pilot” would see. DJI should soon offer a full package to do this.

DJI prepares a drone for the pilot in first person view

Have you ever wondered what it could be like to fly a drone in first person view? If so, maybe you have already had the opportunity to try it out, to participate in races even. But otherwise, know that DJI could have in its boxes a complete pack to enjoy this experience unlike any other. At least that’s what emerges from an unboxing video posted by Dominion Drones.

Unboxing video leaked before official announcement

The video in question was quickly removed from Dominion Drones YouTube channel , proof of the clumsiness, but was reposted and shared via SpiderMoneyFPV. As The Verge points out, the FPV drone project isn’t new to DJI but this unboxing video gives us a better look at what all this could look like.

The drone in question is quite small and has a set of cameras, facing forward and down, with a larger main camera mounted almost at the top of the aircraft; The video also claims that the new headset that allows the pilot to enjoy the first person view and lighter than the original model introduced by DJI in 2019 but in terms of pure design it would appear that nothing , or almost, has changed. At least on the visible part.

At this time, no official information as to when this drone will be available, but different rumors seem to point to March for the announcement. This means there would be no longer to wait. We will then know everything there is to know about this new reference: functionalities, technical characteristics, price and availability dates.

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