Verizon will finally wait before disconnecting its 3G network

5G has appeared all over the world. A new era is coming. This means that some technologies will also disappear …

The near future of telecoms looks very exciting thanks to the 5G . New possibilities, new use cases, ever more advanced and efficient connectivity. But it also means for operators to keep up to date, and in particular by deactivating certain aging technologies. From there to already get rid of 3G ?

In the United States, Verizon is indefinitely postponing the deactivation of its 3G network

As we slowly but steadily move into the era of 5G – although it will still be months, if not years, before it becomes the new standard for mobile connectivity [19459007 ] -, this also means that operators must make room in their spectrum. This therefore means that old networks like 3G will eventually have to be disconnected. Good news for customers of US operator Verizon , the company has no plans to disconnect its 3G network, at least for now.

In a statement to Light Reading, Verizon spokesperson Kevin King said, “Our 3G network is up and running and we have no current plans to turn it off. We will work with our customers to migrate them to more modern technology where appropriate. ” The operator had initially announced its intention to cut its 3G network at the end of 2019 before changing this date to 2020.

Good news for customers who still use this technology

As it turns out, this cut-off did not happen in the past year or so, and today, if this release is to be believed, it looks like Verizon has for now given up on the idea. The operator has been proclaiming loud and clear for several years its intention to deactivate its 3G network. This was the case in 2012 when 4G was launched. It was whispered then that this postponement could be due to the number of customers who still use 3G. This percentage will be large enough for the operator to postpone its projects.

As Light Reading points out, it wasn’t until 2017, well after the launch of 4G, that AT&T finally had to shut down its 2G network. That being said, it probably won’t affect users who don’t use 3G that much, but that’s good news for those who still depend on 3G for their mobile data …

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