Valve Steam Controller fined $ 4 million for patent infringement

Valve is ordered to pay a four million dollar fine to Corsair Gaming.

Accused of knowingly infringing a patent filed in 2011 by the controller manufacturer SCUF and Ironburg Inventions, subsidiaries of Corsair Gaming, upon the presentation of the Steam Controller at CES 2014, the publisher Valve has always ignored repeated warnings from plaintiffs that the triggers used on the controller dedicated to its video game platform were not similar to those of its competitors. Assigned to justice for willful offense, Gabe Newell’s company had to attend a trial remotely via the Zoom teleconference service. The judges have decided to sentence Valve to a fine of four million dollars.

The latter could also increase significantly since Valve did not hesitate to continue marketing the Steam Controller from the first complaints . While the controller was not a big hit, 1.6 million copies were sold before production ended. “ Valve knew there was an unreasonable risk of infringement in her conduct, but she simply broke the rules. The Classic History of David and Goliath , “said Robert Becker, lawyer for SCUF. Note that the American giant Microsoft legally uses the patent in question for its Xbox Elite controllers.

Valve Steam Controller

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