Valve accused of abusing Steam's position to prevent price competition

The digital video game has become very popular in recent years. Today, there are no longer any platforms to manage its game libraries. Steam is one of the most important.

We are not taking great risks by claiming that Steam clearly helped to democratize the dematerialized video game. Developed by giant Valve , the platform is extremely popular today, and is one of the most important on the market today. Perhaps even the most important to date. And that can cringe .

Valve accused of controlling tariffs on its Steam platform

When it comes to buying digital games, Steam is one of the most important showcases in the market today. That being said, not everyone is very happy that a service like Steam controls such a share of a market, let alone such a juicy market. So much so that an action in justice has just been launched against Valve, creator of Steam, accusing the American giant of using Steam’s domination of the market to prevent any price competition , or at least control it.

The giant would have the last word on the prices of the games

According to the record, it appears that Steam is using what is called in the jargon a “ most-favored nation clause”. For those who do not know, this is a clause whereby suppliers treat a customer like everyone else, or at least no worse than everyone else. In other words, it’s about making sure that all customers are treated equally. But it would seem that this type of clause is currently being studied with particular attention by certain governments around the world.

This means that when a developer places a price on Steam, you would expect that price to be the same on all platforms. For example, if a game sells for $ 60 on Steam, it should sell for that same price if it was offered on the Epic Game Store, for example. This was discovered in a document on the Steam site stating that while developers and publishers are responsible for managing the prices of their games, Valve will analyze those prices and make “adjustments”.

This has led some people, including Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, to be convinced that Valve has the final say on this matter. Valve, meanwhile, has not commented on the situation. To be continued !

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