Update simplifies use of LG Wing screens

Some smartphones today seem to want to take advantage of a recent technology, that of the foldable screen. With more or less success. The dual screen, on the other hand, could be more efficient now.

Our current smartphones have, for the most part, a single screen, a screen that takes up most of the front panel. In recent months, however, we’ve seen smartphones appear with a foldable display, and some with two displays. In this last category, one will quote in particular the LG Wing , a two screens which can “open” in T. Today, the device receives a very interesting update .

LG updates its LG Wing to make it easier to use both screens

If you have an LG Wing, your dual screen phone will soon come with a number of new features. As discovered by Droid Life, Verizon has started to roll out a new update to take full advantage of this unique feature of the Wing, namely the unique layout of its two screens. This should greatly simplify the day-to-day use of applications.

The biggest and most notable new feature is the ability to quickly send apps from one screen to another. You can take advantage of this feature by simply swiping your finger down from the top of the screen to access the quick settings menu and a single tap on the “Fetch or Send” icon will do the job. Another possibility is to swipe the screen with three fingers. These two new features are a significant improvement in the way LG manages the dual screen on its Wing.

Transferring applications from one screen to another is much easier

LG also now has a “restart” button that appears when third-party applications freeze for five seconds just after transferring them to another screen. The app icons on the bottom screen now also have the correct label.

For the rest, there is also a new default wallpaper with which you can customize your home screen and the camera app is now able to scan QR Codes. Finally, and still important, the update in question incorporates the security fixes of Google for Android devices for the month of November.

The update can be downloaded by opening the Settings menu and going to the “About phone” section. Once there, head for the updates and let yourself be guided. As always, if the update does not appear, please be patient.

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