Twitter: soon the possibility of making video calls?

Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has never ceased to refine its platform. Its features are few, but the user experience remains very successful, very smooth and efficient. Any new products coming soon?

Twitter is above all a microblogging platform, understand by this that it is about communicating via short messages, more or less enriched, and interactions between users remain quite limited. It’s a much different experience from a social platform like Facebook . But it works, and pretty well, judging by the millions of daily users. This does not prevent the company from thinking about other features .

Video calls on Twitter coming soon?

Twitter is therefore primarily a microblogging platform, mostly one-on-one or sharing thoughts on current topics with the public. That being said, with the buzz of video calling services lately, Twitter may be taking an interest in these kinds of features as well.

In any case, that’s what emerges from an announcement made on Medium by Squad, a company specializing in video calls and screen sharing. Twitter has acquired the company, Squad is shutting down today and its teams are absorbed by the platform.

This could be the next logical step after the takeover of Squad

In the post written by Squad co-founder Esther Crawford, it read: “I’m excited to report that Twitter has bought Squad! The team will join the Twitter team in broadening the spectrum of conversations people can have on the service. Specifically, we will bring our expertise in audio and video to the creative space – and we look forward to being able to create new formats to enable cool, meaningful and engaging conversations. ”

At this time, it’s unclear exactly how Squad will fit into Twitter but given the company’s specialty, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the platform add more in the future. or less a video calling feature. This could be very interesting. Case to follow!

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