Twitter is (again) considering a subscription model to limit its dependence on advertising

Twitter is a very popular, free social media platform. It finances itself through advertising but the company would like to be less dependent on it.

To generate income with a free product, there aren’t many solutions. In addition to spontaneous donations, advertising takes precedence. If done right, users aren’t too impacted. This is the case on Twitter . The platform is paid through advertising, but now it seems time to limit this dependence. Via a paid subscription ?

Twitter is still thinking about paid subscriptions

Many web services today are moving to a subscription model. Instead of offering their products or services as a one-time purchase, publishers / developers offer them through subscriptions, most often on a monthly or yearly basis. And it looks like Twitter is once again thinking very seriously about this possibility.

to decrease his dependence on advertising

At the very least, that’s what emerges from a Bloomberg article which states that Twitter is exploring the idea of ​​a subscription-based system for its services, which would reduce the company’s reliance on advertisements in its sources of income. A paid subscription to Twitter would then likely allow the user to get rid of the ads and gain access to a number of additional features.

There is also a report that Twitter may introduce a spontaneous payment option that would allow users to pay to unblock special content from the people they follow. That being said, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about all of this. In 2020, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said a subscription model was something the company could consider. We also heard at the time that a paid subscription could unlock exclusive features.

Bruce Falck, director of product revenue at Twitter, has since confirmed that the subscription is indeed heavily researched internally. But the man gave no details other than that this was just a “very early exploration.”

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