Toyota unveils its e-Palette autonomous shuttles

Autonomous driving will undoubtedly be an incredible revolution for the automotive industry. And this will most likely first take public transport.

Autonomous driving is only in its infancy, but it is already showing tremendous promise. There is still a lot to do of course, but already, the first equipped vehicles are causing a stir. And some are already on the road. This is the case in some cities with public transport shuttles. New example today with Toyota and its e-Palette shuttle .

Toyota unveils its autonomous electric shuttle e-Palette

One of the advantages of having a computer in control of your car is that it can be more efficient, and more secure. And when an entire city has autonomous vehicles on its roads, road safety should be greatly improved. Until then, we can be satisfied with shuttles capable of transporting a limited number of passengers from point A to point B. This is a path that several manufacturers have decided to follow, including Toyota which is unveiling today. hui its autonomous electric shuttle e-Palette.

The Toyota e-Palette looks a lot like a mini bus, it can carry up to 20 passengers. The vehicle is transparent and relatively … empty inside. Its seats can be folded up, like a jump seat, to save more space. One of the goals with this vehicle, according to Toyota’s press release, was to create a just-in-time mobility service where shuttles could be deployed quickly to where they are needed.

To “create mobility for all”

In the words of Keiji Yamamoto, President of Toyota, “in line with the Toyota philosophy introduced by President Akio Toyoda during our recent financial results announcement, we still have this vision of ‘creating mobility for all ‘and we believe that every Toyota employee should take action to deliver happiness to humanity, in line with our mission of’ Producing Joy for All ‘. One of the platforms for doing this is precisely the e-Palette. With the addition of an operations management system, the evolved e-Palette will be further enhanced and will grow even further with the ever-evolving Woven City. ”

The manufacturer was originally supposed to formalize this e-Palette during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Toyota now hopes that its autonomous electric shuttle will become a viable commercial solution in the coming years. To be continued !

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