Top & Flop 2020 from JEUXACTU, the year of disillusionment, but the GOTY is unanimous!

December 31, 2020. There are only a few hours left before saying goodbye to this very special year. A year of shit, such is the catchphrase that comes back unanimously. No one saw COVID-19 coming, or even the explosion of video games and geek culture during these many months of lockdown and re-containment. Audiences which certainly explode, but financial means which implode, such is the paradox of this situation as improbable as it is grotesque. But it’s the job market and when the advertisers are gone, the money, well it gets the honey trunk! It is therefore in this gloomy context (ah if you really knew…) that the entire JEUXACTU editorial team met again to deliver their Top & Flop of the year that has just passed.

A year marked by the advent of the next gen ’of course, which did not entirely convince the JEUXACTU editorial staff. If the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | S are on everyone’s lips, we shouldn’t forget that 2020 was a historic year for Nintendo, which continued to make its way, quiet in its corner, with insane figures, bordering on insolence. The Switch has indeed sold like jaja, regardless of the country (number 1 in sales in the United States for 22 weeks, but also in China ahead of the PS4 – the Xbox One is not sold in the Middle Country) , while Animal Crossing displays more than 26 million copies sold in 8 months of operation. All of this proves that you don’t have to have 4K and ray-tracing to bait the barge. At least the general public.

Still, 2020 will have allowed the members of the JEUXACTU team to define their GOTY without the slightest hesitation, unlike in past years when it was a little tighter or disparate. The Last of Us Part 2 is indeed the best game of 2020 for us, there was no valid competition for the game of Naughty Dog, which also won 7 awards (totally deserved) at the Games Award on December 11th. On the other hand, it is on the Flops side where there is less osmosis. But this time around, there will be no spoilers, so we’ll let you discover our various favorites and claws. Ah yes, we wish you the best for 2021, even if we already know that the year will not be much better than 2020 … Strength and courage in any case.