Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android Interface

We live in a world where everything has been and gradually will be replaced by smartphones, from photo editing to making presentations, everything and everything can be easily done on your smartphone with just a click on your device. And quite often, we need to have video editing tools on our smartphones to edit videos and for film-making, but what stops us from doing so is the fact that we don’t know a lot of great video editing apps. And in any case, if you think you have the same difficulty then we’re here to provide you with the best video editing apps for Android devices which will offer you a great shooting of films and videos.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best video editing apps for Android devices:

1. Power Director Video Editor App:


Features :-

a. It provides professional and productive video editing                                                                                         b. Easy and simple to understand and use
c. It also has a great audio editing option which provides personified sound effects
d. Saving and customising of soundtracks are very easy
e. Supports Android 4.3 Jellybean and other versions.
f. Free on in-app purchase

2. Adobe Premium Clip:


Features :-

a.You can easily drag and drop video clips and photos when you’re editing the non-essential parts             b. It provides a simple and easy selection of sound clips and videos and also keeps a good track of the           audio levels between any two clips                                                                                                                           c. Has a customised lighting feature which enhances the entire setup of the video                                         d. Has Adobe creative Sync technology which lets you easily manage the appearance of your files,                   designs and other necessary details according to your requirements                                                               e. Free on in-app purchase

3. WeVideo Video editor:


Features :-

a. Can easily edit the existing videos in your phone’s gallery                                                                                 b. Has 30 great and vivid themes to choose from with special light effects                                                         c. You can also add music to your edited videos                                                                                                       d. You can also add a voiceover recording to your edited video                                                                             e. Free on in-app purchase

4. VideoShow:


Features :-

a. Ranked no. 1 video editing and video making app
b. Simple and fun to use with all-in-one features
c. You can easily add music, text, sound, filters, emoticons, etc.
d. Provides a great selection for music for your edited videos
e. You can easily share your work on social media
f. Free on in-app purchase

5. FilmoraGo:


Features :-

a. A professional tool for editing videos and media files
b. Easy to comprehend interface with interesting features like video trimming, rotating, filters, overlays,      animated texts and title effects.
c. Also provides easy sharing to social media
d. Free on in-app purchase

6. VivaVideo:


Features :-

a. Best app for video editing, making slideshow presentations and movie editing
b. Easy to use
c. You can easily create stories and make movies
d. Provides easy sharing on social media
e. Free on in-app purchase

7. Quik:


Features :-

a. Developed by GoPro
b. Provides a faster and easier way to create amazing videos
c. Automatically analyses all your photos and video clips to give you the best moments
d. Adds beautiful effects and transitions and synchronises everything to the sound of the music
e. You can easily customise your stories with music, filters, graphics, animated texts and more
f. Easy sharing on social media
g. Free on in-app purchase

8. AndroVid:


Features :-

a. A very easy and simple app for cutting, editing, trimming and adding music to your videos
b. You can easily add a text, frames and special effects
c. Provides some very useful transitional effects like fade in and out, swapping and adding a slow-mo or        fast-mo feature to your video clips
d. You can also convert any video to mp3
e. Free on in-app purchase

9. Flipagram:


Features :-

a. It is simple and easy to comprehend
b. You can easily create, edit and share your well-edited music videos, slideshow presentations and your      stories with your photos, videos and loads of music
c. Provides easy sharing on social media
d. Free on in-app purchase

10. KineMaster Pro Video Editor:


Features :-

a. Only full featured video editing app for android
b. You can add multiple levels of videos, images and texts to your clip
c. Provides proper trimming of videos
d. Can get an instant preview any time you want
e. You can very easily adjust the brightness, contrast, colour of the video along with the volume and its          speed
f. Provides easy sharing on social media
g. Supports mp4, 3gp video formats
h. Free on in-app purchase

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