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Top 10 Android Hacking Apps (Impress Your Friends)

Talking about hacking apps, these days it has become quite usual but certainly a technical thing that everybody wants to learn. So, here we are with top 10 android hacking apps that will make you pro between others and you will become a hacker between your friends. Before starting, First uninstall all useless apps, images or videos from your smartphone.

  • WifiKill


If you are fed up, of sharing wireless connection with others then here’s a solution, with the app WifiKill you can slowdown the other users using the same connection you are connected in. Now question arises that What does the application do or How you can slow down the other users connected to the same wifi? This application kills the packets of the connected ones and tricks their devices by showing your device as the Wifi-router. Those who are connected will face very slow speed while you can complete your work in no time.

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  • Shark For Root


Shark For Root app is generally used to check consumption over Wi-Fi & 3G connections. As the App uses TCPdump which works on command line interface, providing you description of packet content in several formats according to the command used so you need to know commands for this, along with this app you should also have Shark reader which is used to browse captured files.

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  • zAnti


This application is penetration testing toolkit made for professional hackers developed by Zimperium Mobile Security. With this application you can check into any device in your network and can also perform MITM attacks, suppose there are two parties communicating directly , you can penetrate between them and relay or manipulate their messages without getting noticed.

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  • dSploit


This app has got more set of features from other hacking apps for android. dSploit is also an penetration tools that can be used to perform MITM attacks (MITM explained above)  but this app also scan networks and retrieves information of the connected devices and which operating system they are having, open ports of connected devices  and services running in those devices.

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  • Andro RAT


One of the coolest hacking application in the market. AndroRAT is a remote access tool. By the help of this app hacker can control phone calls and messages of victim from a control panel on his device, the best part is you will have the full access to camera, GPs coordinates and all files stored in victims device. This app infects the device with apk-binder of the victim.

  • Fing Network Scanner


This app is very easy to use and has nothing technical to understand, Fing Network Scanner scans the network and displays all the connected devices. This app is a hacking tool available for all kind platforms Android, iOS and Windows.

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  • Hackode


This is the best hacking tool/ app to try your hands for beginners. Hackode is basically used by the cyber security firms and penetration testers. This app is used for reconnaissance (that is , which ports are left vulnerable and whether there is any way into the firewall and routers), doing number of exploits, network scans and generating security feeds.

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  • Droidcat


This is another hacking tool developed for a good cause but can be used to do evil acts. What it does and how does Droidcat is different, Actually this app performs security analysis for wireless connections by hijacking active sessions. It scans the network and displays all the unsecured sessions on that network thus, giving a clear chance to the intruder to penetrate the privacy of the victim.

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  • NMap

Nmap application is a network mapper that scans a connection and finds ports. There is nothing much in this app but ethical hacker do find it useful as it provide characteristics of hosts. It is available on two platforms right now Android and Windows. Using this app on a device which is rooted enhances its potential but this app quite impressive in non-rooted devices too but it limits the working range of this app.

  • FaceNiff

FaceNiff is an interesting hacking app to explore , it allows to hijack web sessions of other users who are connected to same network as your. This application can suspect even the secured connections, FaceNiff can give you access to WPA, WPA-2 and WEP connections but not to secured browsing (https)

These are Top 10 Hacking Android apps, Some of these apps are not available in Google store so you can install it by any third party website. Note this is for educational purpose so use these apps for your knowledge.


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