Tomb Raider: An Animated Series Announced, The Sequel To The Crystal Dynamics Reboot Trilogy

Netflix partners with Legendary Pictures to produce Tomb Raider animated series.

Produced and written by Tasha Huo (The Witcher: Blood Origin), the animated series Tomb Raider from Legendary Pictures for the American SVOD giant after the events of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the third of the reboot trilogy initiated by Crystal Dynamics in 2013 to look back on the birth of the famous heroine of the video game industry. In addition to being executive producers, Dmitri M. Johnson, Stephan Bugaj, Howard Bliss and Jacob Robinson of dj2 Entertainment will oversee the project along with representatives from Square Enix .

Netflix orders animated series from Kong’s Monsterverse: Skull Island

The partnership with Legendary Pictures with Netflix is also for an animated series based on the universe of the movie Kong: Skull Island which reintroduced the world of King Kong. Skull Island will follow a group of shipwrecked characters trying to escape a dangerous and mysterious island. Brian Duffield, known for Underwater and The Babysitter, will be the author and executive producer of this production. Jacob Robinson will also have the role of executive producer via Tractor Pants. Finally, Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind Castlevania , is also behind the project.

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