To avoid a mass exodus, WhatsApp postpones the application of its new terms of service

By buying WhatsApp, it was obvious that Facebook would like to further consolidate its user base, and the data that goes with it. This is causing great controversy today.

By buying WhatsApp , Facebook got their hands on a real goose that lays the golden eggs, nothing more than the instant messaging platform the most popular of the moment. It was obvious that the American giant was going to use this user base to increase its own, and above all to make the most of their data. That being said, the implementation of the new conditions of use, with regard to the use of these data , made a lot of cringe …

WhatsApp postpones application of new terms of service

A few weeks ago, we learned that WhatsApp wanted to implement new terms of service regarding privacy and the handling of user data. Basically, these would now be shared with Facebook. This led to a lot of confusion as many users weren’t aware of what exactly WhatsApp would be sharing. And most feared the worst. This led WhatsApp to publish a dedicated FAQ.

To give users time to fully understand

However, it seems that this FAQ was not enough, users still seem just as confused about the real impact of these changes. So much so that WhatsApp recently announced on its blog the postponement of the application of these new conditions. This is to give users more time to read and understand the situation.

According to the WhatsApp press release: “We are therefore pushing back the date on which we will ask users to accept these new terms. No one will see their account suspended or deleted on February 8. We will also do more to clarify the situation and erase all this false information that may be circulating about the methods in place on WhatsApp regarding privacy and security. We will then gradually ask users to evaluate these rules well, at their own pace, before the new options for professionals are rolled out on May 15. ”

At the same time, the confusion and these changes have greatly benefited WhatsApp’s competitors. Telegram, for example, has seen its number of active users explode. The platform announces that it has registered no less than 25 million new registrations in 72 hours. This also allowed it, quite recently, to pass the symbolic bar of 500 million active users.

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