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Tibia: Small details Giant in Infinities

I was playing a RPG game in the cyber cafe I frequented, but with the pc
that I had won, it would not be possible to play it because the onboard video
would not support such a game. Anyway, I wanted to game genre as had fallen in love by rpgs
even before getting to pc, it was then that I started looking for a game
that was compatible with my humble pczinho. lol
Then I went on a search site of famous games of the season, and searched for “rpg”
logo with a plethora of games that appeared on the list, I gave started a phase
of testing, and research on google, related to games there was found.
I was looking for a game that is light in all aspects, as in
broadband internet was not yet on the street where I live, so it was what I had

Tibia Small details Giant in Infinities
Tibia Small details Giant in Infinities

Among some options, I found one that in addition to adding several MBS to just download,
also had the simple graphics and the multitude of players from around the world with whom I, who had
only 12 could interact, not to mention the myriad of things that could be it is made in the game
since the updates are constant; and so I did my registration and began my adventure, the great world of tibia.

Tibia Small details Giant in Infinities Image
Tibia Small details Giant in Infinities Image

In 2008 (approximately) I had a computer at home, and needed to feed my new addiction.
Free account and with an addiction to be fed, I had some lvls low lvl chars 20 to 30 and the only way to make money quickly was killing noobs.

The easiest forms in use were used;

1- Take the noobs in the premier for them to speak “ass” and I kill them easily.

2- Search for noobs at dawn saying “pay armor”, “pay or die”, “pay or hunted” and other offensive phrases with microphone connected with a friend and it all with dial-up internet.

3- Kill noobs on Amazon Camp in the north of Carlin and Carlin Cemetery. Yyyy … the cemetery, have killed very, very noob even there at the time than normal of servers was 800 ~ 1000 online players I had fun and it profited enough (amused me more).

4. Killing noobs trap in red, in all corners of the map when he was already caught lvl 50,
I and some friends, we gathered to create ways to make
the guys catch red skull, always using a rune, or magic in area
and when they were red, they logged another team crowd and killed.

Among other fun things we did in tibia the quests, hunts, to fight
finally today do not play anymore, only time I enter in my char and leave it
standing in the dp to remember old times.

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