These Boston Dynamics robots dance like they're celebrating the end of 2020

Robotics have advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. Driven by companies like Boston Dynamics, the industry regularly unveils ever more impressive creations.

Robots have come a long way in recent years. These impressive advances are owed to companies at the forefront of their industry, led by Boston Dynamics . His creations are breathtaking, sometimes frightening, it must be admitted, but his robots are able to perform ever more complex tasks. New example today with this video … of dance.

Boston Dynamics robots have a little dance

With a namesake like Atlas, one would think that Boston Dynamics’ bipedal robot would be the most agile specimen on the planet. And then we could see that he had discovered a passion for parkour. Today we can add dancing to his list of talents. In this latest video, which has already gone viral, you can see Atlas and the entire Boston Dynamics robot family, including robot dog Spot and Box stacking specialist Handle dancing to the song. Do You Love Me ”by The Contours. And you easily envy the mobility and grace of these robots.

Impressive progress since Spot’s dance in 2018

This isn’t the first time that a Boston Dynamics robot has been seen jiggling to music . In 2018, while the company was owned by Japanese giant SoftBank, Spot danced to Bruno’s classic “Uptown Funk” Mars . If you watch the two clips one after the other, you will see how much has changed in two short years. The Spot dance that we were able to discover in 2018 was already impressive, but it is very far from the one offered today.

This video is published after a very successful year for Boston Dynamics. A few weeks ago, Hyundai bought up an 80% stake in the company, making it its third owner in ten short years. It was also this year that the Spot robot dog was marketed (at a rather prohibitive price of $ 74,500) and in Canada, someone could even see one taking a short walk in the middle of the street.

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