The Soosee app scans product ingredient lists to help you avoid certain

Health in our current society today poses a number of questions. This includes paying attention to what you eat. Industry and governments have understood this well.

Eating is very easy for most people, but some have very special needs or attentions. Whether it is to manage an allergy on a daily basis, to avoid this or that component, to limit sugar, or whatever. It requires daily gymnastics when shopping and preparing meals. Today there are various modern solutions, including through mobile applications . Soosee is one of them .

Soosee lets you easily understand food ingredient lists

In most countries around the world, it is mandatory by law to provide the list of ingredients in a food product. This must be found on the label of the product in question, visible to the buyer. This is to help consumers make more informed, more informed decisions, as said, in particular to choose products with less sugar, less calories or without this or that, to manage allergies, for example. And it definitely works. But on a daily basis, it is a tedious operation.

Indeed, these lists of ingredients are often printed very small, in a very condensed way, which makes it difficult to consult them. The app called Soosee wants to do all of that work for you. Just launch the app, point the camera at the product label and let it tell you whether or not you can consume that product according to your preferences.

To know if you can eat this or that according to your preferences or not

According to the application description, “Soosee helps quickly scan ingredient lists for ingredients to avoid. In total, there are no less than 30 categories for common allergies, the vegan lifestyle, pregnant women, environmental impact, additives, other health! Point your camera at a list of ingredients and the words you search for or avoid will be highlighted instantly. ”

Certainly that will be very useful and more effective than standing on the shelf of the supermarket trying to decipher the list of ingredients and eventually drown. Soosee is in any case a very useful tool, very powerful, at least on paper. If you are interested in testing the service, head to the App Store .

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