The next Apple iMac could be available in various colors

The generations of devices follow each other and resemble each other, or not, among manufacturers. Sometimes there are real breakthroughs in terms of design and sometimes not. What about the next Apple iMacs?

Although the Apple office machines are updated less regularly than the iPhones for example, they benefit quite regularly from ‘always welcome refreshment. If only for their internal components. And sometimes that refresh comes with a new design . Will this be the case for the next iMac ? Yes and no.

Will the new iMac be offered in different colors?

Apple products most often opt for a monochromatic look. This gives the brand’s products a touch of timelessness that is appreciable for this type of device. That being said, some may find this look boring and dull. Good news however, it seems that Apple has planned some frills on this point by adding new colors.

That’s what Jon Prosser thinks he knows

In a recent video posted by Jon Prosser of FrontPageTech, the leakster announces that for the next iMacs, expected this year, Apple would offer various colors. According to our man, there would be a total of no less than five different colors to choose from, colors that carried over to very realistic renderings with the help of @conceptcreator and which you can see in the image above.

It’s difficult to know if these colors will be the exact colors offered by Apple at the launch of its new iMac, but it is in any case very interesting. In recent years, Apple has incorporated more colors into its products and it seems that the Cupertino company is now ready to do the same with its iMacs. And that should bring back fond memories to the old ones who knew the iMac G3, which was also available in various colors, and which incidentally quickly became cult.

This new iMac could also take some design elements from the new iPad Pro, in particular its flatter edges. The machine would even get rid of his impressive chin and hump in the back. To be continued !

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