The first Sony 360 Reality Audio compatible speakers are expected to arrive in the spring

Nowadays, providing an audio experience worthy of the name is a very high standard. Some brands are at the forefront in this sector. This is the case with Sony.

Sony has been praising its 360 Reality Audio for two years now. At CES 2019, the Japanese giant made the first demonstration of its immersive audio platform, designed and designed to make you feel like you are in music . Specifically, artists and producers can position instruments and vocals in a sphere in Sony’s software and this positioning is virtually transcribed to create an immersive effect. Very promising. That being said, Sony does not have any speakers compatible with this technology to date and even compatible content is still very rare. But that should change this year.

Sony speeds up with its 360 Reality Audio technology

Indeed, just before the opening of CES 2021, Sony has just announced that its first 360 Reality Audio speakers will arrive this spring. Details are scarce, we just know that the SRS-RA5000 and SRS-RA3000 will connect over WiFi and create “an immersive, space-filling 360 Reality Audio sound experience.” These two devices can be controlled via Google or Alexa.

It will also be possible to enjoy this 360 Reality Audio directly via your headphones / headsets as long as you use a compatible streaming service, Sony intends to market to third parties its technology for customizing headphones and other headphones . Sony will also license its technology for integration into smartphones and cars. No date has yet been released, but the machine seems to be working.

to make you feel like you are at the heart of the music

Currently, if you want to enjoy 360 Reality Audio music in your home, you will need a smart speaker like an Amazon Echo Studio as well as a subscription to a premium streaming service like Amazon Music , Tidal or Deezer . Sony launched the platform in the fall of 2019 but only for headsets / earphones. At the time, there were only about a thousand titles available. This figure is now around 4,000. Very little, certainly, but Sony wants to entice users by offering live concerts with 360 Reality Audio sound, to give the audience the impression that they are actually present in the room.

To increase compatible content, Sony worked with Virtual Sonics to develop dedicated software, the 360 ​​Reality Audio Creative Suite. The goal is to simplify the creation of content for this platform through a simple plugin compatible with the most popular audio creation applications. The software in question is expected to be released later this month. Sony is also working with and The Orchard on a Creators’ Program to provide access to this software suite and streaming content directly …

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