The Essential Phone back with a new owner?

In the corporate world, movements are quite frequent. Takeovers, mergers, liquidations, the landscape changes easily, a fortiori in the telecoms sector. New example today.

It is quite common to learn here and there such and such a business movement. Someone buys another one while this one merges with that one, so and so leaves his post here to create a new brand there, etc. We may soon have the first consequences of such actions concerning Carl Pei , and possibly the Essential brand .

Carl Pei’s Nothing company becomes owner of Essential

As some may already know, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei announced his departure from the company last year. The man has since started a new company, called Nothing, with a pair of wireless headphones as its first product. It looks like Carl Pei may get back to the smartphone business though.

Indeed, in a report from 9to5Google, we learn of the existence of a file filed with the UK intellectual property office. In it, Andy Rubin is said to have transferred ownership of his company Essential to Carl Pei’s Nothing company. The process was reportedly finalized in January.

Will the Essential Phone return to the market?

At this time, it’s unclear what Carl Pei’s Nothing company might be planning to do with Essential. One of the reasons Carl Pei left OnePlus, he said, was because he wanted to explore the tech market more. Going back to smartphones doesn’t really seem to go in that direction. And at the same time, maybe Carl Pei wanted to do some things about phones that he couldn’t do under the brand. It is therefore possible that the acquisition of Essential will now give him more freedom.

Either way, we’ll have to wait to find out how this plays out. Essential had generated a lot of interest around its first device, but ultimately the excitement was not met. Could Nothing manage to relaunch the brand? To be continued !

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