Tesla: the latest update offers a Boombox mode to your car

Updates for Tesla cars regularly add new features. Some very useful, others a point. Here is a rather unusual one.

Tesla is probably the first automobile manufacturer to offer software updates to its cars that add major features. And others very minimal, of course. But this is a very innovative aspect in the automotive world. The latest update brings a rather unusual function .

Christmas update for Tesla is available

Your Tesla may soon allow you to share your musical tastes with the world. If you have a compatible car, at least. In fact, as Electrek points out, Tesla has rolled out its year-end update. And the main novelty seems to be the Boombox mode. Once this mode is activated, you can play your music outside your car. This requires a recent model, a model equipped with the system with the speaker for pedestrians. This is the case with the latest Model 3 models. Obviously, you probably will not use this option to organize parties during the pandemic and you will have to check the local laws in force before doing so but here it will have the merit. to offer a more qualitative solution than turning up the sound in the car and leaving a window open.

It notably adds the Boombox mode

Elon Musk added that it is also possible to customize the sound of the horn on these new models to put something very different. Other features provided by this update include better vehicle preparation for scheduled departures, as the battery and interior can now be prepared without the car being plugged in. The visualization of information on the screen is also improved (the surface larger) especially for the places available on the Superchargers.

The boss of Tesla also readily admitted that this update was not necessarily “top” for those and those who have a Tesla without the pedestrian speaker, which represents a large number of vehicles. But there are “more features to come,” features Tesla did not have time to complete on time.

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