Spotify: a security problem forces the platform to reset certain passwords

Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform around today. With its millions of users, it is a prime target for hackers. She also had a little problem recently.

With the number of accounts that we have today on web platforms and the incessant and growing activity of hackers of all kinds, it unfortunately happens quite frequently that our accounts are compromised, our personal data exhibited to the general public. You should then quickly change your passwords on the platforms concerned. Today, Spotify is the victim of a concern like this .

Spotify resets passwords for some of its users

If you have an account on the music streaming platform, you should watch your emails. Indeed, the company recently revealed that it had to reset the passwords of some of its users following a security bug. The issue follows a security breach notification the platform filed with the California attorney general’s office.

Due to a security bug

According to the file, it appears that this security issue, whatever it may be, “could have included email addresses, your displayed public name, password, gender and date of birth but only to certain business partners from Spotify ”. The company also states that it has carried out an internal investigation and kept all its business partners informed.

Spotify spokesperson Adam Grossberg says that only a “small percentage” of Spotify users are affected by this concern, without going into details. Since the platform has some 320 million users, “small” could still represent a lot of accounts. And this isn’t the first time the company has been forced to reset its users’ passwords.

Last November, the platform also had to do this after discovering the existence of an insecure online database containing approximately 300,000 stolen passwords. So don’t hesitate to change your password to avoid possible problems.

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