Sony XR Processor or the ultimate intelligence for your TVs in 2021

Sony remains true to its philosophy and announces a range of televisions aimed at producing an image ever closer to human perception. At the heart of a vast range of 4K and 8K models, there is a new conductor: the Sony XR processor presented on the sidelines of CES 2021.

After LG and Samsung, it is Sony’s turn to present its new TV products at CES 2021 . And what we can already say is that, unlike the two Korean manufacturers who are both betting this year on a Mini LED backlight for their LCD range (find our articles on [19459008 ] LG QNED and the Samsung Neo QLED ), Sony does not yet mention this technology. At least not yet for series production. Asked about this, the French spokesperson confirms that Japanese engineers are obviously working on this technology, but that it is too early to talk about it.

So let’s put that (not that) little disappointment (than that) aside and see what lies ahead at Sony in 2021, in terms of image processing first. We will come back to the Sony ranges in another article and will devote ourselves here to the centerpiece of this new line of LCD and OLED TV: the Sony XR processor, worthy heir to the Sony X1 Ultimate.

Sony Bravia XR promises eXtra Realistic rendering

Bravia XR, this is the new denomination of vintage 2021 televisions from Sony, whether for 4K models (LCD or OLED) like 8K. The bottom line is that this is the first processor with artificial and cognitive intelligence. We take the liberty of referring to an “eXtra Realistic” rendering, because Sony does not give the meaning of XR.

Le processeur XR agit sur l’image et l’audio

The XR processor acts on the image and the audio

Broadly speaking, the chip is split into two parts. The first, the “ IA ” part of the processor, analyzes the image to apply the various usual treatments (upscalling, tone mapping, etc.). The second brings together the “ cognitive intelligence ” side, which is responsible for making the result even closer to what humans perceive … in real life. And it’s not just about visual perception here, but also hearing.

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