Sony Vision-S: road tests have started for the electric sedan

In just a few months, the development of the Vision-S has shifted into high gear with the goal of advancing mobility.

After a surprise presentation during CES 2020 suggesting a possible entry into the world of the automobile as manufacturer and / or supplier (neither confirmed nor denied for the moment ), the concept car Vision-S of Sony was repatriated to Graz in Austria in the factories of Magna Steyr then in Japan in the research and development centers in order to refine the autonomous driving technologies of the electric sedan equipped with two electric motors of 272 horsepower each, retro-cameras and screens occupying the entire width of the dashboard.

Sony’s Vison-S is on the road

While continuing to develop vehicles focused on safety and security, entertainment and adaptability, Sony announces that road technical evaluation trials for the Vision-S began in Austria last December and that ‘they will continue with several prototypes during fiscal year 2020, which in Japan corresponds to the period from April 1 to March 31, 2021.

The aspirations of Sony and its partners with the Vision-S

  • Izumi Kawanishi, senior general manager of the AI ​​Robotics business group at Sony Corporation: “ The human desire for mobility will never go away. Belief in this is necessary to satisfy the human desire for safe movement. When we started to think about Sony’s first car, or mobility, we considered user experience to be important (…) We increased the number of sensors on board the vehicle to 40 and we have experimented to see how far we can increase their detection capacity. We have created a system that allows us to check our safety and security measures as much as possible (…) From a user experience point of view, we are trying to determine to what extent we can create a space for relaxation in the car, so we would like to evolve it further by including entertainment functions. We would also like to add more to the conventional idea and think about how vehicles evolve on their own. We have therefore improved the connectivity and the characteristics of the network (…) We continue to think about what our mobility should be and to create new proposals (…) Getting closer to people is the direction of our company. I think mobility is a tool to achieve this. A car brings us closer to a customer because our car could be of benefit to our customers and because it is an EV (electric vehicle) we would like to help solve energy problems or reduce CO2 emissions , and we would also like to reflect on our contribution to society ”
  • Yuhei Yabe, general manager of the AI ​​Robotics business group at Sony Corporation: “ When we started talking with people, it was very impressive that everyone greeted us with expectations and curiosity about what Sony is going to do. We started talking because there is something we can do about it (…) We are thinking about how we can make the most of our travel time. With automatic driving, drivers are free to drive, and Sony should provide them with added value
  • Yasufumi Ogawa, senior engineering manager and senior systems engineer in the AI ​​Robotics business group at Sony Corporation: “ Communications, cloud and related services are considered part of the mobility (…) The contribution to the evolution of mobility cannot be made by us alone. We can accomplish it with our partners as a member of society (…) This project is based on the passionate commitment of each participant and their combination. This is a worthwhile project and we can make it even better when we can expand our possibilities
  • Frank Klein, President of Magna Steyr: “ I am very happy to see that Vision-S was only the starting point for our common cooperation. We see that high-tech companies like Sony have a major impact on the mobility of the future
  • Martin Peter, Vice President of Engineering at Magna Steyr: “ The first time we made contact, I was quite surprised that Sony was interested in automobiles and that they contact us, so I was very honored to speak with a global player like Sony
  • Manfred Pircher, Senior Project Manager at Magna Steyr: “ I met Kawanishi-san and the Sony team from the start of this project and saw so much passion and ambition in them, that they get to know how to develop a vehicle and that is really still fascinating right now and hopefully even for such a long time
  • Laszlo Kishonti, CEO of Almotive: “ There are two current trends in the automotive industry, one is electrification and the other is the addition of more intelligence to cars. It is obvious that Sony’s project is about both. We are building an electric car that is smart. Hopefully it won’t just be a prototype, but that we can follow Sony and other companies to bring it into the consumer or mass market realm
  • Gabor Pongracz, Product Manager at Almotive: “ Here we are focusing on the functionality of automated and camera-based driving, combined with radar primarily. And in this project, we have the opportunity to use the best cameras on the Sony market to take our solutions to a higher level and more widely available
  • Stefan Seiberth, president and progressive mobility players at Robert Bosch: “ I really like the user-centric approach of Sony, in particular the HMI (Human Machine Interface) with many new features that I have not yet seen in the field of mobility
  • Mariella Minutolo, sales director and progressive mobility players at Robert Bosch: “ When we understood what Sony Vision-S is, namely that it is a game-changer in the world of mobility in within a new ecosystem, this is exactly what we think the future of mobility will look like
  • Horst Schaffer, senior manager Comfort Functions & Applications (Interior Electronic Functions) at Continental Engineering Services: “ I especially like the fascinating interior, the fun and the concept of individual adaptability of the car. I was very impressed with the focus of the Sony team and felt that all parties involved want to get this vehicle into circulation as quickly as possible to write a page of history “[19459016 ]
  • Dr. Christoph Falk-Gierlinger, Managing Director at Continental Engineering Services: “ We are grateful to be able to bring our experience and expertise in vehicle development to this unique project
  • Christian Lederer, project manager Electronic Brake Systems (Chassis & Brake Systems) at Continental Engineering Services: “ What I like the most is that the project focuses on comfort and durability and that is what we need for future mobility
  • Christian Reinhard, Executive Vice President and Project Manager at Elektrobit Automotive: “ The Vision-S prototype delivers what one expects from a Sony product, designed for mobility. The design is very clean and the content of the screen and the cockpit surfaces blend together very well. It’s fun to use and interact with this one
  • Siegfried Dirr, head of Cockpit Systems Solutions at Elektrobit Automotive: “ You can clearly see that Sony has deployed all its creative power and used all its experience with different products and technologies and really thought about the car from the start
  • Michael Waschnig, Key Account Manager at Elektrobit Automotive: “ With the arrival of Sony in the automotive industry, we are finally breaking down the barriers of the entertainment experience we are used to in our living spaces and what we have in our vehicles
  • Christopher Le Ligné, CTO at Valeo: “ I am very happy to see the enthusiasm of the Valeo and Sony teams working together. The atmosphere was very professional, constructive and passionate
  • Aurélie Lambert, platform project manager at Valeo: “ We are very proud to participate in this range of technology with Sony, and also to participate in its signing
  • Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO at Vodafone Germany: “ Sony is a fantastic partner. Mobility is not possible without connectivity in the future and therefore it is super important to connect cars, to connect people, to make life safer
  • Dr. Peter Holdmann, Executive Vice President, Car Chassis Technology Division at ZF Friedrichshafen: “ We are very proud that Sony has asked us to participate in the joint development of the Vision-S. Since it is about combining the latest trends, we are only looking for automotive, autonomous driving, e-mobility and in-car entertainment. And we can contribute with our best elements in this project
  • André Engelke, head of System House Vehicle Motion Control at ZF Friedrichshafen: “ What I like most about the Vision-S prototype is that it combines all the requirements of a network chassis

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