Sony has found the perfect use for its Crystal LED displays

Screen technologies evolve steadily, and quite rapidly. Today, it revolves around LED panels. Its variants are numerous …

Sony is one of the big names in the display market. The Japanese giant is at the forefront of technology. Several years ago, the brand unveiled a Crystal LED display, extremely promising but still far from being able to compete with the technology that would then prevail, OLED. Where are we today? It seems that Sony has found an absolutely perfect practical case for its panels.

Sony announces a very interesting practical case for these Crystal LED panels

The first time we discovered Sony Crystal LED panels was in 2012. These screens were really impressive but still far from OLED. Since then, Sony has returned to CES with Crystal LED panels quite similar to Samsung’s MicroLED panels, showcasing them as a way to shape huge screens piece by piece. And the brand’s executives kept claiming that they were developing these tiles for other use cases.

A perfect background screen for the cinema

Today, in 2021, Sony seems to have found a practical case, precisely, perfect for its Crystal LED modular panels. These are the background screens for virtual film sets, such as those used on the set of The Mandalorian.

The division dedicated to Sony professional screens unveiled two versions of these panels, the C and B series, which respectively offer a contrast of 1,000,000: 1 and a brightness of 1,800 cd / m 2 . The latter was developed with Sony Pictures specifically with a view to use as a wallpaper in a studio to show no reflections while the series C will be more interesting for showrooms and other. These panels use the same processing solutions as Sony TVs with the ability to manage HDR, 120 fps and 3D sources in particular.

No pricing information for these panels yet, but the massive 4K screen Sony brought on display at CES 2019 to play the PS4 cost around $ 800,000 at the time. Still, finding other practical cases of this technology which uses ultra-thin LED elements mounted on each color for unprecedented contrast could make the whole thing even more realistic in a home theater configuration. .

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