Sony Bravia XR: the world's first cognitive intelligence televisions

The Master 8K LED Z9J, Master OLED A90J, Master OLED A80J, 4K LED X95J and 4K LED X90J series kick off the new Bravia XR range from Sony.

In order to offer complete immersion to experience sensations and emotions as realistic as those of the world around us with televisions Bravia XR , the engineers of Sony have developed Cognitive Processor XR which is nothing other than a processor capable of reproducing the way our brain thinks and acts. It divides the screen into different areas, detects the location of the focal point in the image and in one second cuts hundreds of thousands of different elements (color, contrast, details) to reproduce ultra realistic images. The Bravia XR’s “brain” can also analyze the position of sound in the signal to get a full match of the signal to the screen. It thus converts any audio signal upward into 3D surround sound to enhance realism with an immersive soundscape.

Our goal is to constantly advance on the path of television technological innovation to deliver the most immersive spectacle possible ,” said Patrick Moncet, TV Marketing Product Manager at Sony France. “ The new Bravia XR televisions are the most true to life, thanks to the processing power of the world’s first cognitive processor that surpasses traditional artificial intelligence.

New products from the Sony Bravia XR range

  • Bravia Core: Sony’s SVOD / VOD service with Pure Stream technology
  • Google TV: An all-new entertainment experience that brings movies, shows, live TV shows and more, from apps and subscriptions, and curates them just for you . It will be easy to find something to watch quickly with personalized recommendations, or add shows and movies to a personalized list to keep track of what’s interesting to see. Users can even enrich their playlist from their smartphone or laptop with Google Search
  • HDMI 2.1 Features: 4K at 120fps, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and eARC
  • Sound-from-Picture Reality ™: A new technology that aligns the position of sound with the images displayed on the screen to generate an experience of unique realism
  • Hands-free voice control: User will be able to put the remote control aside and use their voice to search for entertainment, get answers, and control TV and smart home devices
  • Connected speaker compatibility: The user will be able to stream and control videos from YouTube with the speakers of the Google Nest or change channels or volume with Google Assistant and the devices compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • True to Director: Calibrated Mode Netflix delivering studio-quality and IMAX Enhanced content that features IMAX remastered picture and sound, as well as IMAX Enhanced mode – fully optimized for playback of cinematographic content

The new Sony Bravia XR televisions in videos

Pricing and product availability will be announced shortly.

Bravia XR Master 8K LED Z9J

Bravia XR Master OLED A90J

Bravia XR Master OLED A80J

Bravia XR 4K LED X95J

Bravia XR 4K LED X90J

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