Signal's popularity exploded following changes to WhatsApp

There are quite a number of instant messaging platforms today, they do their best to try to stand out. And often it doesn’t take much to do this. Sometimes even a simple tweet.

Since the takeover of WhatsApp by Facebook , many have wondered about the rules of use and the use of the data that would be made of it. The buyout took place in February 2014 and since then not much had changed. But today, the Menlo Park firm is making a major change, a change that makes cringe and which is now costing it a number of users, in particular for the Signal platform [ 19459009] .

WhatsApp facing an exodus of its users?

As you may have heard before, WhatsApp has made some changes to its privacy guidelines. If we had to summarize, we would say that now all of your WhatsApp data is shared with Facebook. The company previously allowed users to choose whether or not to allow this sharing, but now the choice is no longer there. Either you share your data or you stop using the application.

The Signal platform exploded in popularity

Some might feel uncomfortable sharing more data with Facebook. And that’s probably why many users have started looking elsewhere. And in particular to Signal. In fact, according to a tweet from Signal, it appears that registrations have really exploded, even causing delays in sending verification codes. And the fact that Elon Musk himself tweeted to go sign up for Signal to replace WhatsApp is probably not for nothing.

The platform developer says they are working hard with the operators to resolve the problem, but this traffic jam may still last for some time. Proof that many users want to quit WhatsApp. Still, the transition to a new platform will not be easy. You will have to convince your contacts to change too. Not to mention all the companies that use WhatsApp for their communications.

WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world, it’s hard to imagine a massive exodus of its users. And who knows, maybe it will make Facebook thinkā€¦

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