Several small video streaming services reportedly considering merger

The video streaming market is now dominated by the giant Netflix. Difficult to exist. Especially since behind, we find Amazon Prime and Disney +. There is strength in unity, it is often said.

The market for streaming video is already a large market today. Netflix has always been leading the way, but behind it, Disney is coming very quickly with Disney +. Not to mention Amazon and Apple, two other big names in tech who have no shortage of arguments. However, there are also many small streaming services. And to weigh more, they could consider a merger , or at least a strategic rapprochement.

What if the small video streaming services came together

In terms of video streaming, today it’s hard, if not impossible, to beat Netflix and its more than 200 million subscribers. Disney + is currently impressing its world with an impressive 95 million subscribers, despite its very late arrival on the market. That being said, the current problem is that there are far too many services available. It’s impossible to imagine people subscribing to all of them.

So what could be the solution? To exert more influence on this market, certain services could consider merging. According to an article in The Information, it seems that some small video streaming services are considering the idea of ​​merging to create a pack that would allow subscribers to access their content, much like what Disney offers with its pack in the United States which includes Disney +, ESPN + and Hulu, and which ultimately costs less than if the subscriptions had been taken separately.

to offer a fairly complete more advantageous pack?

The report states that NBCUNiversal, which recently launched its Peacock service, allegedly pitched the idea to ViacomCBS to include Peacock in CBS All Access at a premium rate. The article also states that NBCUniversal director Jeff Shell suggested that it would be worthwhile to merge with WarnerMedia as well to stay competitive.

In any case, this is a strategy that would be very interesting, if the information had obviously been proven. It would encourage more people to subscribe to these services if they were offered an affordable package. A few years ago, a study highlighted the fact that an increase in the number of streaming services could increase piracy because, as said, it is unrealistic to do so. expect the public to pay for all these services to watch the series and movies they want to see.

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