Scientists want to use Twitter to find origins of Covid-19

The fight against Covid-19 also requires a better understanding of the origin of the appearance of the virus. And to this question we do not yet have a sure and definitive answer.

While the Covid-19 virus is now well established across the planet, the origins of its appearance are still debated. A mission was recently sent to the Wuhan region to try to answer this question. What if it was possible to get the information without leaving your home? A team of scientists is convinced of this .

Scientists use Twitter to discover origins of Covid-19

At this time, no one really knows the origin of the Covid-19 virus. The question is still debated. At the start of the pandemic, everyone agreed that it came from a market in Wuhan, in China . Later, different theories emerged suggesting that the virus may in fact have existed here and there since long before. And it could even have come from outside of China.

Some scientists believe they may be able to find the end of this story using the social platform Twitter . In a study published on Nature, researchers at the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca suggest that, perhaps, by combining posts on Twitter, it would be possible to determine the origins of this novel coronavirus .

by studying the appearance of keywords relating to symptoms of the virus

The researchers set out to search for keywords based on the symptoms that patients may experience when they are infected with this virus. The idea here is to identify peaks in the appearance of these symptom-related keywords, which could serve as an indicator as to when said virus arrived and how long it arrived before the diagnosis is not officially made.

While it cannot really be said that such evidence would be conclusive, especially since the tweets are mostly anecdotal, it could help researchers determine when, precisely, the virus first appeared. the first time in such and such a place. It should also be noted that the research in question was carried out for Europe. A similar study for the United States and other countries around the world might reveal different timelines. In other words, this would not be drawing any conclusions, other than the fact that the study in question is very interesting, let alone on a platform like Twitter.

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