Samsung's next smartwatch could ditch Tizen in favor of Wear OS

The smartwatches market today is extremely but it is Apple and its Apple Watch, with WatchOS, which reigns supreme. Even Wear OS is struggling … Yet Samsung is stubbornly with Tizen.

Wear OS is a fully capable and successful operating system for wearable devices like smartwatches. There is currently no shortage of examples on the market. However, since Samsung got started, the giant has offered watches equipped with its in-house OS, Tizen. However, that may change with the next generation.

What if Samsung opted for Wear OS

Many manufacturers today are more than happy with the Wear OS platform offered by Google for smartwatches in particular. Samsung has for years tried to forge its own path with its own Tizen operating system. And the South Korean giant has been quite successful with its Galaxy Watch, it must be admitted. His watches are quite popular today.

in his next smartwatch?

That being said, if a recent tweet from the well-known leakster Ice Universe is to be believed, this could change dramatically. Indeed, the man claims that for his next model of smartwatch , the brand could opt for Wear OS. It’s hard to know if this would be a temporary choice or a clear indication of a real transition from Tizen to Wear OS.

In any case, it is quite possible that Samsung wants to keep both types of wearables. However, this would come in the same to diversify its offer. Wear OS is certainly more popular as it is derived directly from Android, but it also means that Samsung would face more competition.

Other rumors also claim that the brand’s next smartwatch could be equipped with a non-invasive system to measure its user’s blood sugar. That would be very interesting if the information was true.

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