Samsung to produce 90Hz OLED displays for laptops

OLED technology works miracles on our smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, it is still very expensive to produce in larger diagonals. That doesn’t demotivate Samsung, it seems.

While LCD is a technology that has been around for a very long time, it has been steadily improved and refined, so much so that it is still very present in the market today. The OLED does better, certainly, but the latter is still very expensive to produce, especially as the size of the panel increases. This is why laptops with OLED displays are very rare these days. But Samsung is coming .

Samsung Display to produce 90 Hz OLED screens for laptops

The vast majority of laptops still use LCD technology for their screens. And there’s a reason: it’s simply because LCD panels are less expensive to produce, especially in larger sizes. That’s not to say that laptops with OLED displays don’t exist on the market, but the LCD is simply much more popular. That being said, Samsung wants to make a difference.

The technology should quickly democratize in this market

Samsung Display has just announced the start of production of 90Hz OLED displays designed for laptops. This not only means that we will start to see more OLED laptops on the market, but also that they will have a refresh rate of 90 Hz, higher than the current standard of 60 Hz. [ 19459008]

Interestingly, laptops are also adopting higher refresh rates. These were previously reserved, so to speak, for external displays, and then we saw them appear in our smartphones. It seems the time has come for our computers to finally take advantage. So of course, with 90 Hz, we are still quite far from the 120 or even 144 Hz of some screens, but this is a more than welcome update.

According to the South Korean giant, most users won’t be able to tell the difference since, in terms of blur and smearing, a 90Hz OLED screen is practically on par with a 120Hz LCD. Samsung Display did not mention any names in its press release, the firm says several “global IT companies” are expected to launch computers with its new displays later this year. To be continued !

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