Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 could arrive in May

Samsung is one of the first manufacturers to enter the foldable screen smartphone market. And the giant intends to keep up the pace.

Samsung is now firmly established in the foldable screen smartphone segment with its Galaxy Fold line. The models are multiplying and we now expect the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 . If a recent rumor is to be believed, this one could happen quite quickly, during the month of May to be more precise.

The Samsung Galayx Z Fold 3 in May?

Numerous rumors point to the possibility that Samsung is seeking to end its line of Galaxy Note smartphones. This could be replaced by a range of foldable screen smartphones. At least that’s what a report from Korean media Bloter announces, specifying that the next device with such a display, the Galaxy 2 Fold 3, could arrive sometime in May.

But the device remains very mysterious

Apparently, the device in question was therefore arriving sooner than expected, which would not be a bad thing, especially for those who are very impatient to take advantage of this innovative technology of the foldable display. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 should also be compatible with the S Pen, but it is not yet known whether the device will have a compartment to store the stylus.

Samsung recently made its Galaxy S compatible with the S Pen, in this case the Galaxy S21, but the accessory is sold separately and it is not possible to store the stylus in the smartphone unlike the Galaxy range Note. That being said, we currently know little or nothing about this highly anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 3. Not even the chip it will integrate.

This is because Samsung previously announced that chips with an AMD GPU are to be expected. The Exynos 2100 SoC uses a different GPU. Will we then be entitled to a brand new chip or a simple variant of the Exynos 2100? The future will tell. And if the date of May 2021 is true, we will certainly have more information in the weeks / months to come.

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