Samsung Galaxy S21: the packaging leaked and seems to confirm what we feared

Samsung will unveil its highly anticipated Galaxy S21 very soon. The specs of the beast, as always, receive much attention. But this year we are also looking a lot on the packaging side.

When Apple announced its intention to no longer include a charger in the boxes of its iPhones , this had made users cringe and some manufacturers had failed. not shy to openly mock this decision. Samsung the first. But once is not customary, the South Korean giant could also take this route .

A leak “confirms” the absence of a magazine

Samsung was quick to mock Apple following its decision to no longer include a charger in the boxes of its iPhone 12. We could then say that the South Korean giant would continue to integrate the accessory into its own boxes. But according to the latest rumors , it looks like the company is finally following in Apple’s footsteps and doing the same.

in the box of Samsung Galaxy S21

Today, thanks to a report from, we discover what appears to be the packaging of this famous Samsung Galayx S21. A leak that would confirm that the rumors are true. Or at least to throw oil on the fire. The images show a noticeably thinned box, very similar to that of the iPhone 12 in its dimensions.

This means that there is a great chance – or risk, it depends – that, if these images are true, the Galaxy S21 will not come with a charger. Samsung should provide a USB-C cable, however. No one knows whether the traditional headphones will be in this box either. Some rumors however evoked the single removal of the charger, the headphones would not be affected.

Samsung will officially announce its Galaxy S21 during the Galaxy Unpacked event on June 14th. We will have all the details at that time. Patience.

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