Samsung: a more affordable folding screen smartphone in the works?

Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to offer a smartphone with a foldable screen. Very impressive devices, of course, but at a fairly prohibitive price.

Folding screens will most likely be a standard feature of our smartphones of tomorrow. However, for the time being, the technology is too young, even avant-garde one might say, to be sufficiently efficient. But the wow effect is there, that’s for sure! Samsung understands this, its Galaxy Folds are the perfect example. Impressive devices but very expensive and ultimately quite capricious. The giant would like to see its copy again .

Samsung reportedly working on a foldable screen smartphone

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with smartphones with foldable screens. In truth, the concept is very interesting but in reality it is still too young, too raw and too expensive to be enticing. This is why sales are not yet as high as Samsung would like, but the South Korean giant is doing its best to change all that. He would work on a new model for 2021 that would be sold under $ 1,000.

At least, that is what a Display Supply Chain Consultation (DSCC) report suggests. Samsung could, they say, introduce a new smartphone with a foldable screen in the course of 2021, a device that would be much more affordable than its predecessors. The notion of “affordable” will obviously remain to be seen once the final prices are known.

with a price under $ 1,000

At the moment, the most affordable Samsung smartphone with a foldable display is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip which costs over $ 1000 but is still much cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold 2. This being said, despite its lower price positioning, its spec sheet sins somewhat, which may explain why it is not as popular. All the more so in this high-end segment where you can spend a little more to get even better.

One thing is certain, price will be the main argument in attracting customers to the foldable screen smartphone, but it will be several more months before we find out what Samsung has planned. By then, other manufacturers may enter this market. Several rumors report that Apple is considering the thing, with a launch sometime in 2022. To be continued!

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