Ring Mailbox Sensor, a sensor to know when you have mail

Home automation affects many aspects of the home. And not just in the house itself. Some outdoor equipment can benefit from being connected. Why not the mailbox?

With the weather forecast in this early winter, it can be particularly frustrating to go out and check the mailbox only to find that it is empty, hopelessly empty. With modern technologies and connected objects , it is possible to significantly simplify one’s life. And Amazon precisely offers a turnkey solution via its Ring brand.

The Ring Mailbox Sensor alerts you when you have mail

It is now quite possible to track your packages, easily, using the tracking number. This allows you to know exactly where your package is and prepare to receive it. Unfortunately, this solution does not always apply to more traditional mail such as letters. If you dream of knowing if you actually have something in your mailbox, you might be interested in Ring’s solution, the Ring Mailbox Sensor, a dedicated mailbox sensor.

The Ring Mailbox Sensor has been designed to be attached directly to the letterbox. Each time the latter is opened, you are notified, a sign that you indeed have mail. This will come in handy if you are expecting an important letter or, as said, if you are tired of going out in the short term to find that the said box is empty.

A simple solution to connect your mailbox

That being said, such a solution can also come in handy if you think someone is snooping in your mail. Since the system alerts you whenever the mailbox door is opened, if you are at home and / or have a security camera that can point to the mailbox, you will be able to tell who is coming. open it. If it’s an employee of the post office or a delivery person, no problem, but if not, you can take action.

The Ring Mailbox Sensor is sold for $ 30 but if you do not have the necessary bridge for the accessory to work, you will need to spend $ 50 .

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