Rainbow Six Quarantine: Ubisoft will change the name because of the health crisis

The French publisher Ubisoft is forced to rename Rainbow Six Quarantine to avoid an amalgamation with the global coronavirus pandemic.

During a recent conference call with investors, Ubisoft was asked if the release later this year of Rainbow Six Quarantine worried the French publisher in terms of public relations given that the multiplayer FPS spin-off Rainbow Six Siege bases its story on the emergence of an extraterrestrial parasite. An unwelcome context in the midst of a health crisis … A further delay is envisaged? No, but Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, is considering changing his name so as not to offend the general public : “ We are creating a product that is in fact, as it is called today. hui, but this is something that we are evaluating and we will see what happens in the future on this product.

Rainbow Six Parasite is not the new identity for Rainbow Six Quarantine

Between “Quarantine” and “Quarantine”, there is only one letter that changes … A change is therefore necessary to avoid recalling the current situation. While the new official title has yet to be released, Multiplayer First (MP1st) has spotted an update file on PlayStation Store related to the Ubisoft game. The new name would therefore be Rainbow Six Parasite except that the French publisher categorically denies this information : “ Although we have recently announced that we are going to change the name of Rainbow Six Quarantine, Parasite is just a code name that our internal teams use. Recently, we did an internal test for the game and some of its details have been made public. We can confirm this is a preview of the upcoming game, and will share more details soon, including the official name.

Rainbow Six Quarantine will be released this year

Developed by a team dedicated to Ubisoft Montreal and born from the Outbreak event, Rainbow Six Quarantine offers a new adventure in the form of a tactical FPS playable in 3-player PvE co-op that takes place in the future of the Rainbow Six universe . Agents of Rainbow Six face a brand new threat in the form of an alien parasite that infects humans and the environment.

Ubisoft will release Rainbow Six Quarantine between April and September 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC.

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