PS5 matte black: dBrand launches "completely legal" pre-orders

The Dbrand brand announced in December its intention to offer an alternative black shell for the PS5. The product is now in pre-orders, and the manufacturer has made sure of the legality of the thing.

The design of the PS5 is easily recognizable. Beyond its all-V shape, and its rather imposing size, the console also surprised by its dual black and white color. This choice is not to everyone’s taste, and from the news that the white plates were removable, many began to dream of alternative designs.

Specialist in design customization, Dbrand, took the opportunity to announce in December an alternative black shell for the PS5 . The product is now on pre-order.

A “completely legal” design

On the official product page, Dbrand explained that he did the job to avoid possible legal action. This is what happened to the site “PlateStation” which had quickly received a message from the legal department of Sony. For the console maker, therefore, this is a very sensitive subject with which Dbrand must negotiate.

Les symboles PlayStation disparaissent

PlayStation symbols disappear

To guard against this, Dbrand announces in particular that it has covered its shell with symbols “ familiar, but completely legally distinct from the classic PlayStation buttons “. If we look at it a bit, we can actually recognize squares, triangles, circles and crosses, which usually form the PlayStation symbols, but here with a little twist transforming their meaning.

It’s unclear if this will be enough, but Sony doesn’t seem to have called its lawyers yet.

Pre-orders for the month of April

By pre-ordering as of this writing, Dbrand announces an expedition for the month of April. The shell is sold for 49 dollars, and the brand also offers a skin for the middle part of the console by adding an additional 12 dollars. Ironically, it is possible to request a matte white skin for the middle part, thus reversing the original colors. The shipping costs are 9 dollars for France.

If you are interested, beware, only the PlayStation 5 with Blu-ray player is available. The hull for the model Digital Edition will have to wait a little longer.

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