Props already at work around Apple AirTags

The Apple AirTags are not yet official that already, it seems, the manufacturers of accessories are working on their first products.

Apple has in its boxes at least one product ready for marketing. These are AirTags, these small sensors that allow you to precisely locate an object using ultra-wideband (UWB). Apple AirTags have not yet been formalized, but accessory makers are already hard at work to occupy the market.

Accessories manufacturers are already working on Apple AirTags

If the rumors are true, Apple is preparing to launch its AirTags trackers, a product that many are eagerly awaiting. So much so that today well-known leakster Evan Blass explains in a post on Voice that accessory makers are already working on different products for. This is particularly the case of Nomad, a brand known for its leather accessories for the iPhone in particular.

Based on the leaked images, it appears that Nomad has designed at least two different accessories for the AirTags. One of them, pictured above, is a key ring on which the user can insert an AirTags and attach the set to their keychain. The other would make it easy for spectacle wearers to find them in the event that they got lost.

Did they have any official information?

It is difficult to know if these accessories were created on the sole basis of the images and other diagrams of the AirTags which may have leaked until today or if Nomad was able to have an official presentation from Apple to be able to design its products. In the past, we have already seen some props manufacturers start making products with the wrong dimensions while others are more “lucky”.

At the moment, no one knows when Apple AirTags will be formalized or even available. Apple is however expected to host an event in the weeks / months to come, like every beginning of the year. In particular, an iPad Pro with a mini LED screen could be announced there. To be continued !

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