Project xCloud arrives on iOS and PC in 2021

Microsoft will make its video game streaming service available on two new platforms via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Still with the disproportionate objective of potentially reaching the three billion players who reside on our planet, the American publisher Microsoft announces that Project xCloud [19459007 ] will be available on PC and iOS for next spring. For one, it will be necessary to use the Xbox application or go through the browser , but for the other, it will be necessary to use a web application in order to legally bypass Apple’s restrictions such as Epic Games had done with Fortnite. Finally, in the coming months, the Redmond firm’s cloud gaming platform will also land on connected televisions. It will start with Samsung before expanding to other manufacturers later.

Jerret West, brand marketing director at Green X, says: “ By opening the door to the Xbox ecosystem to more than a billion devices, we want to create an experience that is accessible to all. types of players. Whether you want to play Minecraft Dungeons with your Xbox friends using touch controls on iPhone, or join an assault in Destiny 2 on a Surface Pro tablet between dates, it will be possible. Whichever screen you choose, we want to make it easy for you to keep playing and connecting with your friends. We can’t wait to tell you more about our ambitions for cloud gaming and how they will help transform your gaming experiences.

Microsoft is exploring the idea of ​​an Xbox chromecast to bring Project xCloud to televisions

During recent interviews , Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s video game boss , implied that Project xCloud might be available via a dongle. HDMI in order to lower the entry ticket to cloud gaming as much as possible and attract a new audience: “ I think that in the future we will see less expensive equipment in our ecosystem, such as streaming keys and other things that you might want to simply plug into your TV to play via xCloud (…) You can even imagine that we could offer something in the Xbox Game Pass subscription that gives the possibility of streaming xCloud games to your telly and just buy a controller “. According to him, this could happen within “the next 12 months”.

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